Lives and works in Florence, Italy
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...... One of the way of saying why we make art is that it helps us in the enjoyment of  life.

I have been carrying out an experimental programme of work in composition where the score is always a image. At present the scores are only on the digital data, that allow an interactive partecipation on behalf of the listener.I now paint my music without playing it or without trying it out at home. I hear it for the first time in performance, I don't actually hear music before I paint it. I paint it in order to hear it. The subject of sound can be explored from very different points of view and where there is also room for visual  collage or other forms, I like working.

I hear all the sounds that are in a image. I listen to them very carefully...

I think that whoever likes sound loves the image,which is full of sounds.

The image (-score) is created without using any sound base, the music, if necessary, is added at the end. Sometimes we can even find ourselves in a non-music situation, but on this occasion too we have images around us, from the environment we are in.

The principle of visual-sound superimposing will allow a change in the very status of the musical work. Now the opera will no longer appear if not in the particular instance of a matrix of visual-sound  processes not quite independent from each other.

Composing can become implicity making contact with various visual-sound objects, produced with traditional instruments or any other possible means, and with the colour, too is valued no less than sound. Of course, not one of colours  was meant to be linked to a particular sound, but merely to coexist with it. It is enough just decide together the common beginning of the two things, and let the music come to an end automatically when the paint does.

Each listener of it is able to complete within himself, and in his own way, the music that is presented to him Thorough it our sensitivity can be awakened towards the world about us,  so I think of the sounds, whether they are part of image or part of music, of each sound as being at the center of the universe, worthy of being listened to.

At this point the game begins and you too are invited to join in.....

Sergio Maltagliati   Florence   April 1999

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